What is BBQ?

There are so many different ways to cook BBQ. Cooking with live fire goes back…well…forever. But the way I cook BBQ is considered “Texas style.” What that means is I have an offset smoker where a 100% wood fire is being burnt. The fire is set off to the side, the smoke rises into the cooking chamber, and out the smoke stack. This type of cooking produces one of the best flavor profiles out there. While pellet grills are great, and I own one, it just cannot produce the same kind of BBQ that an offset smoker can. 

There are 2 types of BBQ, no matter what BBQ style you are using. There is low and slow, which is used for brisket, ribs, and many other cuts. Then there is hot and fast, used often times for steaks, burgers, and chicken. Want to learn about other cook methods like reverse sear and "just keep flipping"? Comment down below to tell us what you want to learn next!

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