Why is there a red ring in my meat? And my chicken has pink on the edges!

Do not fret! What you are seeing is known as a "smoke ring." When the nitric oxide from the smoke interacts with the protein, it makes it red around the edges due to the myoglobin in the meat. Sometimes, smoked meats do not get a smoke ring and does not indicate whether something will be good or bad.

What kind of fuel do you use?

One of the most commonly available types of wood in California is White Oak (ever hear of White Oak Avenue?!). We find it gives a mild smoke flavor without being over powering.

What's the biggest difference between regular BBQ and Kosher BBQ?

Not a lot! The biggest difference is no pork. All beef items are the same, except glatt kosher. We also use lamb, veal, chicken and sometimes duck! We rotate the meats we offer weekly, but brisket and beef ribs are a staple!

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