Catering & Private Chef Events

Transform your next party or event into an unforgettable experience with our exceptional catering services. Whether you're hosting a black-tie gala, a backyard gathering, or anything in between, we have you covered. Leave your guests saying, "Holy Smokes!" with our diverse selection of menu options, including both smoked and non-smoked dishes. Our comprehensive packages range from full-service, sit-down dinners to convenient drop-off solutions. Reach out to us today to discover how we can tailor a plan specifically for you and make your event truly memorable.


Meatology Courses, Demos and Tastings

Learn about different cuts of meat you see at the butcher, the best ways to cook them, and have a taste of some unique offerings at the same time. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Dani prides herself on being an effective comunicator.

We offer 1 on 1 classes, in-home tutorial, group classes for organizations, friends and more. Contact us to find out more details.