Glatt Kosher Under RCC

We have teamed up with Mega Glatt Mart in Tarzana to bring you RCC certified Glatt Kosher food!


Learn more about the pitboss behind Holy Smokes!

Mom. Wife. Mother. Teacher. Foodie. Orthodox. Pitmaster.

Dani's obsession started with sous vide and grew from there. But after experimenting with almost every cut of meat in the sous vide, it just wasn’t enough. Soon, she started playing with fire. Her first brisket on a kettle bbq was nothing special........

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1- Order


Choose the date you want to order , add items to cart, and purchase. We cook on specific dates.

2- Pick up

You will receive an email with your order, pick up time and date, and the address of where to pick up your order. For privacy reasons, the Pico/Robertson address is revealed after purchase. Tarzana pick up is at Mega Glatt Mart, 6114 Reseda Ave, Tarzana 91335.

3- Heat and Enjoy!

All meats are vacuum sealed and we provide instructions on how to best reheat your meat.

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