Our Story

Mom. Wife. Teacher. Foodie. Orthodox. Pitmaster.

Dani's obsession started with sous vide and grew from there. But after experimenting with almost every cut of meat in the sous vide, it just wasn’t enough. Soon, she started playing with fire. Her first brisket on a kettle bbq was nothing special, but she was hooked and the obsession began. Not too long after her first brisket, Dani met Jeremy Yoder of Mad Scientist BBQ. They teamed up to create a unique, one-of-a-kind kosher BBQ. Word spread fast and soon they were cooking more than 300 pounds of meat for the public for Rosh Hashanah. Jeremy moved back to Kentucky with his family and Dani continued operating Holy Smokes Kosher BBQ while teaching full time. Most recently, Dani has left her 6-year tenure at de Toledo High School in order to cater to the needs and wants in the community. She will be BBQ-ing full time, specializing in catering, Shabbat and holiday take out and limited-run pop ups.

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