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14 Hour Smoked Brisket, sliced

14 Hour Smoked Brisket, sliced

Our juicy brisket is rubbed with our house spice blend and smoked for 14+ hours over white oak wood on a 500 gallon smoker. There is nothing like it on the West Coast! One bite will have you saying "Holy Smokes!" Sliced and vacuum sealed. 

FAQ: "How much do I need for x number of people?" We recommend 1/2 lb per adult and about 1/4 lb per child. 

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What makes this brisket different from all other briskets?

Other restaurants use ovens that support wood chips or use liquid smoke. This brisket is cooked with 100% wood burning fire the entire time

How does it not get too smokey?

By running a clean fire, we never get that overly smokey, bitter flavor that some might associate with BBQ. You'll see our smoke stack not billowing with smoke, but waves of heat. That's how you know it's a clean fire.

Sauce or no sauce?

That's up to you, and no one is judging you for it! We recommend trying your first bite without sauce so you can experience the flavors, but after that, it's up to you!